The Power of the Powerless

Published on 27 September 2018

<p><b>Václav Havel’s remarkable and rousing essay on the tyranny of apathy, with a new introduction by Timothy Snyder </b></p><p>Cowed by life under Communist Party rule, a greengrocer hangs a placard in their shop window: <i>Workers of the world, unite!</i> Is it a sign of the grocer’s unerring ideology? Or a symbol of the lies we perform to protect ourselves?</p><p> Written in 1978, Václav Havel’s meditation on political dissent – the rituals of its suppression, and the sparks that re-ignite it – would prove the guiding manifesto for uniting Solidarity movements across the Soviet Union. A portrait of activism in the face of falsehood and intimidation, <i>The Power of the Powerless</i> remains a rousing call against the allure of apathy.</p><p><b>'Havel’s diagnosis of political pathologies has a special resonance in the age of Trump' Pankaj Mishra</b><br><b></b></p>

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